Whatever style of wedding you are going for, from small family gatherings to grand marquee events, the one thing you want to be certain of is that you have lasting memories of the day. In years to come, there’s nothing better than being able to take out your wedding album and look through fantastic photos of your wedding. At Kelly Cowan, all of our professional photographers have the experience and talent to be able to create beautiful photos that truly capture the atmosphere and happiness of your special day!

Having worked at weddings and other special events for many years, our team know what a privilege it is to be part of a couple’s big day and so we work hard to deliver high-quality images that will produce happy memories every time you look at them. We pride ourselves on having the ability to capture the elegance and joy of your wedding venue and of all of your guests, both during structured line-up photos and through more natural, unplanned photos that we take whilst your guests are enjoying themselves. We take a relaxed approach to our work, with the aim of putting you completely at ease during your big day, so that all of our photos reflect your natural joy and the romance between you and your partner.

We meet all of our clients at least twice before the big day so that you are comfortable working with us and we know exactly what your expectations are. An initial consultation with one of our professional photographers is always useful so that you can tell us your ideas for photos and placements during your wedding ceremony and reception. You also have the optional offer of an engagement shoot, which is an amazing opportunity to be guided through a series of photos in a location of your choosing by one of the wedding photographers. This is always highly popular with our clients as it means you will be comfortable working with us on your big day and it also gives us all a chance to see what kind of shots work particularly well with you and your partner.

Alongside our creative talent and friendly professionalism, we’re also committed to providing a highly reliable and reasonable service. All of our team adhere to our company ethos of being consistently punctual, affable, gracious, and conscientious that this is your special day. We don’t want to get in the way or make anyone feel uncomfortable so we help to maintain a relaxed atmosphere and simply fit around the various stages of the wedding and reception. On top of this, we offer amazing rates that we think are incredibly reasonable considering you will be working with some of the best wedding photographers in Surrey.

We love what we do and we never disappoint our customers with our amazing, elegant and creative photos. But don’t simply take our word for it! Have a look though the rest of website and our online galleries and hopefully you will come to agree that our professional photographers are all of the very highest standards and have a genuine talent for capturing the beauty and happiness of weddings!