Wedding Photography

   Imagine working with a wedding photographer who has the technical expertise to produce beautiful, vibrant photos in any venue and in any weather, as well as appreciating that every wedding is a completely unique experience and has a completely unique story to tell. Add to this years of experience in working at weddings and you have the perfect combination for stunning wedding photography, which is exactly what we strive to deliver at Kelly Cowan!

In order for a professional photographer to capture the true elegance and happiness of a wedding day it’s very important that all of the guests – and particularly the bride and groom – feel completely relaxed and free to enjoy themselves. This relaxed atmosphere is something that our photographers are able to generate through their experience and natural comfort when working. Once everyone is comfortable around the photographer, we are able to capture those perfect emotional moments that make weddings so special. From the bride’s arrival at the venue to the final dance, we’re on hand to snap those amazing moments that will make you smile for years to come. Importantly, we also know when it’s better for us to take a step back and let you enjoy the intimacy of being surrounded by your loving family and friends – we won’t intrude at any point of the day, but will work tirelessly in the background to create the one-of-a-kind-story of your big day!

All of our professional photographers are available to work full days, so from the moment you start getting ready in the morning until you drive off at night, we can be there to document all of the preparations, proclamations, commemorations and celebrations! We don’t take lots of photos for a couple of hours and then slack off later in the night – we remain totally focused for every minute that you need us so that we don’t miss anything. We like to create a full story of your special day, from start to finish, with lots of smiling, talking, drinking and laughing along the way!